Cult Classics: That Time Nobody Could Help Hillary Clinton Find NPR

The Internet was a(n) (extra) strange place this week. 

Kim Davis really did get to meet Pope Francis, per begrudged confirmation from the Vatican

The liberal media were pretty unhappy. 

Following last week's glowing coverage, this story definitely upset the apple cart for liberal narrative. 

It's safe to say we'll be seeing "Pope Not Cool" stories for a while.

Hillary Clinton emails continued to surface (that is, more of the emails vetted and selected by her own staff). 

This one revealed Hillary to be a lost, precious, wide-eyed person who hasn't yet figured out how to download the NPR app.

But don't forget the real news: The fact that the State Department would rather go over Clinton staff-selected emails than investigate any cracks in her story.

The worst thing this week was when the GOP tripped through a hearing that should have been a cakewalk. Lab. Footage. Of. Baby. Parts. DID YOU WATCH THE VIDEOS?

It wasn't a total wash. 

But this should have been a home run. National Review summed it up.