Curated Clicks: Even Hillary Is Calling Out Obama on This One

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Marc Nozell via flickr

Marc Nozell via flickr


In the wake of the recent terrorist attack in San Bernardino, an Obama Administration failure while screening visa applicants has come to light. Immigration officials were reportedly not allowed to monitor applicants' social media accounts, something that Hillary Clinton condemned while speaking at a campaign rally on Tuesday. 

As Carly Fiorina noted in last night's GOP debate, looking through someone's social media posts is fairly routine for employers vetting a potential hire ... just not for the government trying to protect us from terrorists, apparently.

The Washington Examiner reported: 

"Our security professionals need to more effectively track and analyze ISIS' social media posts and map Jihadist networks, and they need help from the tech community," Clinton said during an appearance in Minneapolis.

"Companies should redouble their efforts to maintain and enforce their own service agreements and other necessary policies to police their networks, [identify] extremist content, and [remove] it," she added. "Many are already doing this. Sharing those best practices more widely is important."

Reports published on Monday indicated that the Obama administration had prohibited immigration officials from screening the social media of applicants, even after officials pushed for that policy to change in early 2014. It was also discovered that Tashfeen Malik, one of the perpetrators in a Dec. 2 terrorist attack in San Bernardino, Calif., had posted extremist content on her accounts before immigrating to the U.S. from Pakistan.


Whether it's the gay wedding cake debate or Freedom from Religion's country-wide spree on high schoolers singing Christmas carols, religious freedom seems to be under heightened threat these days. First Amendment rights can't exist under progressivism's thumb, where any "wrong" perspective must be crushed by speech codes and fundamental religious beliefs are maligned as bigotry and hate. 

David French at National Review has both a warning and a message of hope, reminding America that the church has long outlasted persecution and will not be fazed by liberal onslaughts. 

Moreover, if one views history as teaching lessons rather than taking sides, the clear lesson of history is that the church perseveres. God implanted eternity into the hearts of men, and the spark of devotion to Him is not so easily extinguished. While we do not (yet) have the spiritual resolve of, say, the Pilgrims, we serve the same God, and He has the same zeal for His church. History may not take sides, but God does.

Yes, the church in Europe is struggling, but those who look to replicate Europe in the United States neglect to remember our profound differences. In many ways the United States was founded as an anti-Europe, in large part because of our respect for religious liberty. Moreover, much of our population growth is occurring in the precise communities — Latin American, Asian, and African — where the church is experiencing its most vibrant growth.

National Review: The Left’s Attack on Religious Liberty Could Break America 



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