Curated Clicks: Guess We're Just Taking the Media Out Back and Shooting It

We cut the crust off the Internet sandwich so you don't have to.


Who needs a newspaper when you have your Facebook feed?

Who needs professional reporters when you have your friends, plus your Aunt Barb?

Over at The Awl, John Herrman meditated on the death of journalistic access as sports teams, politicians and celebrities realize they don't need to grant interviews to outsiders. They can control the message themselves on Instagram! If they deign to grant an interview, it need only be with the type of "journalist" who will fawn, "Who's the biggest Nicki Minaj fan? I am!"

Maybe this will be good, probably it will be bad and mainly we'll see a whole lot more stupid positive explainers as journalists and reviewers get cut out of the loop:

The new explainers are well adapted to feeds: they assert authority without invoking expertise; they mimic the language of their audience; they offer closure and satisfaction in an endless stream. They’re also easy to deploy in a social context. Social explainers often purport to do work for you—to settle arguments, to articulate your position for you, to establish your rightness or to definitively assert your opponent’s wrongness. As a platform-perfect profile tells you why you’re actually totally right to love its subject, a platform-perfect explainer tells you why you’re right to feel the way you do. The onus to provide an opposing viewpoint transfers from ostensibly balanced publications to you and your platform peers. ‘How to Survive Your Family’s Thanksgiving Arguments’ is an insane and counterproductive guide for talking to your family at the holiday dinner table, but it functions well in the context of your social feed.


In the wake of the San Bernardino shooting, The New York Times published its first front-page editorial in 95 years, calling for gun control (and bragging about it). One guy responded by shooting a gun at the editorial, but National Review's Jonah Goldberg took a more ferocious tack:

The Peace of Versailles, Buck v. Bell, the Great Depression, Pearl Harbor, [...] AIDS, gay marriage, the Iran nuclear deal: These are just a few of the things the New York Times chose not to run front page editorials on.

But, the “Gun Epidemic” in America? That deserves a front-page editorial.

National Review: The Most Pressing Issue in 95 Years

A few more bites: 

“POLITICO has lost its mind.” - A Marco Rubio spokesman responding to a request for comment on why Rubio drinks water all the time, via POLITICO

“It’s about damn time." - Rep. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.), a retired Air Force colonel and the first American woman to fly a combat aircraft into enemy airspace, on the news that all ground combat roles in the U.S. military would be opened to women, via The Atlantic 

"Coming soon: fierce accusations that the services are discriminating against women because of low female participation rates in combat specialities." - A pessimistic Aaron MacLean on the same women-in-ground-combat news, via The Washington Free Beacon