Curated Clicks: Too Many Words, Too Many Restrictions, Too Many Ads

We cut the crust off the Internet sandwich so you don't have to. 

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In a picture of some words, Jack Dorsey verified reports that Twitter was considering ditching its platform-defining 140 character limit (perhaps going as high as 10,000).

The newly-back-on-Twitter @darth had the only take you need on this news:

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In a year-in-review, Robert Tracinski chronicled the ongoing culture war (in which we're all, he argued, involved whether we like it or not).

2015 was the year universities faced friendly fire:

[T]he big new development in 2015 is that the left’s culture war came back to attack the very institutions that hatched it.


[T]he universities can’t escape having the same quasi-totalitarian system imposed on themselves, and that’s what came to a head this fall at the University of Missouri, Yale, and Claremont McKenna College — with many other campus activists itching to get in on the revolution. The universities, those utopias of multicultural tolerance, have found themselves accused of being shot through with “systemic racism,” and protesters have demanded the firing of administrators, all the way up to the presidents of universities, for such crimes as daring to question the Halloween Costume Inquisition.
The ad-cluttered landing page of a major conservative website on Jan. 6, 2016.

The ad-cluttered landing page of a major conservative website on Jan. 6, 2016.


Erick Erickson, the guy who shot an NYT editorial and tweeted about it, is starting a new website, The Resurgent.

In announcing the new site, he offered a brutal critique of right-leaning websites' horrific advertising and clickbait-generation (ahemTheBlazeahemWashingtonTimesahem):

Can there not be a place on the internet to write about politics, culture, and faith where you do not have to use an ad blocker, there are no auto-play videos, and the bottom third of posts are not filled up with semi-porn revenue generation blocks? I don’t want to have to use an ad blocker on my own website, which I have done for the past four years.


The right still lags the left in much of the online media world because many investors from the left look at return on investment as advancing an agenda and the investors on the right insist on a financial return above agenda advancing.

The Resurgent: He Quit His Job and You’ll Never Guess The Unbelieveable Thing He Did Next!

A few more bites: 

"Look at Iowa. The fact that someone who has been married three times, bankrupt four times, is in the gambling business and has speculated publicly about the possibility of dating his daughter is a leading candidate is absurd." - Chief strategist for the Romney 2012 campaign Stuart Stevens makes the hard sell that the GOP's big donors ought to be attacking Donald Trump, via The Washington Examiner

"At this point, Martin isn’t just disappointing fans—he’s screwing himself." - Angela Watercutter writing that "Game of Thrones" author George R.R. Martin is losing his authorial role by letting the television series based on his books get ahead of his written work, via Wired