Donald Trump, the Old Testament King Who Might Nuke ISIS But Might Not, Hey You're Cute: Curated Clicks

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GOP presidential frontrunner Donald J. Trump had a mind-blowing non-answer when asked if he would use tactical nukes against the Islamic State:

I’ll tell you one thing, this is a very good looking group of people here. Could I just go around so I know who the hell I’m talking to?

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Trump has been compared to all sorts of genocidal madmen, but the comparisons often fall short since many of history's dictators had a coherent ideology guiding their misdeeds. Trump appears to have none.

Jay Michaelson looks to the Book of Esther for a biblical Trump analogue, and determines Trump is not Haman, the schemer engineering personal gain; Trump is Ahasuerus, the decadent emperor who is easily convinced to wipe out the Jews and just as easily unconvinced: what gamers of a certain age call ‘chaotic evil.’ You just don’t know what’s going to come out of his mouth next. Unlike Haman’s principled evil, there seems to be no principle guiding Ahasuerus’s choices, other than his own fickle whim.

His only policy is himself.

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Christie, Hannity, Carson, Gingrich, Coulter -- many of the GOP's old gods have pledged fealty to a dark force of ego-driven chaos.

The Buckley Club is chronicling the descent, traitor by traitor:

We believe these persons have done irreparable damage to the cause of principle based conservatism and minimalist government and rendered their opinions on the subject of conservatism null & void; we counsel the public to consume their future statements on conservatism with a severe degree of suspicion and view the motive as entertainment, profit-based or based in another personal agenda in conflict with conservative ideals. Our group’s namesake once took a stand against groups who posed a threat to conservatism.

Here we stand; we cannot do otherwise.

Medium: The Buckley List

A few more bites: 

“We can’t pay it back." - A Mongolian who quit farming and started selling jeans in Ulaanbaatar, only to get hammered by the commodities crash, via The Wall Street Journal

“Men tip men to demonstrate who’s in power. So if I go in and I’m the man and you [another man] are the maître d’, I’m tipping you to show you that I’m the guest. Now you’re going to give me something. But let’s not misunderstand, I’m in charge. [But if you're a female maître d’] I don’t have to worry about power in front of you. Your job is to get me a table.” - Consultant Kate Edwards recounts structural sexism in New York hospitality customs, via The Awl

"Yes, a film about Batman fighting Superman is dull." - Critic Michael Roffman pans the "doomsday of a cash grab" that is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, via Consequence of Sound