Football for Free, Motherhood for Pay and Sean Hannity's Celebrity Crush: Curated Clicks

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American college athletes are missing out on something like $2.2 billion annually because they're forced to play without pay.

The average black football or basketball player at a big school loses as much as $1 million over the course of a college ball career -- money that lines the pockets of overwhelmingly white coaches and staff.

The situation is starting to gall economists and sports fans alike:

It was incredible. I realized all of the people being paid or getting the pleasure out of the game were white, and the vast majority of the people playing and risking their health were black.

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With American mothers working more and other family members not willing (or able, or asked to?) pick up the slack, U.S. families often turn to nannies.

In a heartbreaking long read, the New Yorker delves into the poverty that drives many women from the Philippines to come to America, where they mother someone else's kids to provide for their own:

[W]hen Riya first saw her mother at work she felt that she no longer knew her. ‘I have this really vivid image of her walking in front of me in Central Park, pushing this stroller with a white baby in it,’ she told me. ‘It was fall, and it was a bit chilly, and I thought to myself, You lost your mother.’

The New Yorker: The Cost of Caring

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Sean Hannity is totally not in the tank for Trump, why do you ask?

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"My parents were home late and my first thought was that they’d been raptured up to heaven. I was a sinner who had been left behind to face the Earth’s destruction." - ex-Christian Josiah Hesse details the pain of an 'apocalyptic upbringing,' via the Guardian

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