If Politics Doesn't Kill Us, Indestructible Disease Will: Curated Clicks

We cut the crust off the Internet sandwich so you don't have to. 


Hyperbole and confirmation bias are the social web's Game Fuel.

The Wall Street Journal debuted a tool that shows live sample feeds for "very liberal" and "very conservatively aligned" Facebook users (note: it works a lot better on a computer than mobile). 

The results: 

...reality may differ for different Facebook users...

The Wall Street JournalBlue Feed, Red Feed

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If we keep using antibiotics inappropriately -- especially looking at you, India -- in farming and medical care, the accelerating pace of drug-resistant infections will create a nightmarish future, with humankind powerless against once-treatable diseases.

Averting Armageddon will take education about existing drugs and investment in new ones.

Otherwise, by 2050:

Ten million people will die every year, roughly one every three seconds, and more than currently die from cancer. These are conservative estimates: They don’t account for procedures that are only safe or possible because of antibiotics, like hip and joint replacements, gut surgeries, C-sections, cancer chemotherapy, and organ transplants.

And yet, resistance is not futile.

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Donald Trump has famously drawn substantial support from serious white nationalists and 4chan troll armies alike. Virulent anti-Semites run wild through both cultures, and strongman Trump plays an idiot to dodge disavowing them.

For Allen Ginzburg, the fear of Soviet-style authoritarianism and anti-Semitic demagoguery is personal:

My parents are as conservative as they come. Until the Trump boosting, they listened to Rush/watched [Fox News] everyday. [...]

They grew up in the Soviet Union, where antisemitism and gov’t threats were an accepted way of life. Little freedom. [...]

Antisemitic slurs were common. Heck my mother wasn’t allowed to go to medical school strictly [because] she was Jewish. [...]

In Trump, she sees something she has seen [before]: a far-left authoritarian that will take away freedoms, punish dissent, & promote hatred. [...]

Trump is an existential threat to our Republic. People who have lived with such threats see it.

Twitter: AG_Conservative

A few more bites: 

"So you tell the truth when you're politician and lie when you're private individual?" - CNN's Chris Cuomo on Donald Trump's schizophrenic Clinton attacks, via Politico

"I cannot support a candidate who endorses bigotry and lawlessness, with a minimal understanding of the fiscal policies long associated with our party, even if he does have an “R” after his name." - Katrina Elaine Jørgensen announces her resignation from the Young Republican National Federation over Donald Trump, via Facebook