Paradox Podcast Episode 47: How Do We Rebuild Everything? (with Guest Brendan Loy)

The Paradox team is back after a little post-election break. Confused, concerned Coloradan Brendan Loy was our returning guest this week to talk about listening to people better (and most especially the people who disagree with us) in a post-Trump world. 

Terrible Opinions

Matthias: I disagree with the recent piece from Rachel Held Evans about leaving evangelicalism. We should learn to listen to each other better instead of creating more distance.

Brendan: I love Rachel Platten's "Fight Song."

Jordan: Even though Twitter has been insane over the Hamilton stuff, I'm glad it happened because vice-president-elect Mike Pence's reaction was so kind and appropriate even in the midst of the crazy.

How can we be kind? 

As people who opposed now-president-elect Donald Trump during the election, we wanted to chat about better ways to talk to people, how to rebuild trust, and what lines in the sand we want to draw going into a Trump administration. 

Brendan points out flaws in the Hillary Clinton campaign's messaging, which he describes as "crafted by Brooklyn liberals for Brooklyn liberals," and analyzes why it failed to reach voters. 

We detail our two biggest questions in the wake of the election: "How do we disagree without yelling at people?" and "Can journalists rebuild trust?" Brendan points out that we need to keep the lines clear between genuine bigotry and political incorrectness as well as the distinctions between policies we disagree with vs. actions that will destroy the Republic. 


Jordan: Lorelai will say the famous last four words in the Netflix "Gilmore Girls" special that's coming out this weekend.

Matthias: More of a promise than a prediction: I'll stop attacking the crazy left. We need to engage and amplify voices we respect and like and that is what I want to do.

Paradox Podcast Episode 46: We'll Need a Rebuilding Year after the Most Polarizing Election in History (with Guest Dina Fraioli)

To cap off this insane election year, we invited political strategist and One Direction fan Dina Fraioli back to talk about who held the line in 2016 and whether or not the GOP survives. 

Terrible Opinions

Matthias tries to make Jordan's head explode by saying Trump wouldn't be able to do that many horrible things as president even though he's a "monster." Dina praises "establishment" Mitch McConnell, saying he would "delight" in blocking President Hillary Clinton. Jordan says BuzzFeed, the land of endless cat listicles, actually has some great long-form writing and published "the piece of this election" with Katherine Miller's heartfelt How Donald Trump Broke The Conservative Movement (And My Heart)

Don't f*** with the Clintons (unless you're Mitch McConnell)

Dina taps her 15 years of experience working for in politics envision a Clinton presidency. She thinks Hillary as president would be willing to work across the aisle, and if Republicans hold Congress, McConnell can lead them in blocking her as needed (a big "if" when the GOP may not hold the House and the Senate). 

We share some of our "silver linings" in 2016, a year when "everybody showed us who they were" and very few people held the line on their principles. Dina says this next period will be a "rebuilding year" since we don't even know what a Republican is anymore and it may be time for a conservative party. 


Matthias and Jordan have some fun with pop culture predictions, with Matthias saying that Mel Gibson's new movie will be a moderate success that makes him viable again as a director. Jordan is hopeful that the new "Gilmore Girls" special on Netflix will be thoughtfully produced and please the show's devoted fans. 

Paradox Podcast Episode 45: The GOP Has 99 Problems and Women Voters Are Just One (with Guest Marybeth Glenn)

Jordan and Matthias welcomed Marybeth Glenn of epic tweet storm fame this week to talk about the future of the GOP, Hillary Clinton’s scorn for the rule of law, and the real conflict of our time: Cubs vs. Cardinals.

Terrible Opinions

Resident feminist and pop-culture-lover Jordan is uncomfortable with the report that the Netflix show “Jessica Jones” has only female directors in its second season. Marybeth demands that the Chicago Cubs lose the World Series. Matthias explains why he thinks Clinton is the true “burn it to the ground” candidate.

The GOP’s Woman Problem … and Millennial Problem … and Urban Problem … and …

We ask Marybeth what brought on her insightful viral Twitter rant about the GOP, sexism, Trump and Republican women. 

Marybeth explores the idea of a new conservative party that appeals to “middle-of-the-road” voters and gives her argument why anyone who supported Trump should not helm the GOP moving forward. We discuss Evan McMullin and the possibility of a new party as well as the GOP’s issues with women, millennials, and minority and urban voters.


Jordan predicts that even in the age of binge-watching, it will take her several months to finish “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” because it’s such an intense show. Matthias says there will be no rioting after the election. 

Paradox Podcast Episode 44: Where Will the Alt-Right Hide on Nov. 9? (with Guest Ryan Moy)

Matthias and Jordan are back this week to chat with Ryan Moy (@alwaysonoffense) about the future of the GOP and whether or not it can find "basic values as a party" and rebuild after the election. 

Terrible Opinions

Ryan is apparently very, very particular when it comes to his Halloween candy. Jordan is upset that Jonah Peretti's bizarre tweet about Ivanka Trump is only one more example of the media industry tossing ethics out the window to get attention. Matthias thinks "journalists" like Kevin Robillard of Politico who take decent people out of context and sic Twitter trolls on them should be (metaphorically) burned at the stake. 

Consultants! Reince! Dumpster fire!

Analysis, predictions, fears and hopes blend in our take on what the post-election conservative landscape will look like. Matthias really wants to know who exactly will be responsible for steering the GOP after Nov. 8. Is it enough for the GOP to replace Reince? Are those conversations already happening and is a plan for the party's future after Donald Trump in the works? Ryan discusses the possibility that Carly Fiorina will be tapped as the new GOP chair and details what she would bring to the table, while Jordan speculates on what the most powerful combination would be for 2020. We debate whether or not the alt-right will continue to infect the conservative movement after the election. 


Matthias depresses everyone with the prediction that the media will continue to give the alt-right oxygen by covering white supremacist events and otherwise bringing attention to their cause. Jordan points out that Trump's reaction if he loses the election could determine whether or not the media continues to make a profit from that kind of coverage (if he goes on that long vacation as promised and disappears from public view, not so much). She predicts that most of the GOP will wake up after the election and attempt to shock everyone with how much Trump never happened. Ryan predicts that Trump TV will launch and will be a fairly successful enterprise.