Paradox Podcast Episode 5: Terrible Millennial Opinions and Trump Hats

Starting out this week, the unpopular opinions: 

  • Matthias - Millennials are awful, but it isn't their fault
  • Zach - Fallout Boy is great
  • Jordan - respects Planned Parenthood for not taking money for fetal tissue any longer

Other topics include:

  • Dylan Byers "scoops" The Washington Free Beacon for buying Trump hats and the downfall of integrity journalism
  • How DC insider-ness is creating journalists disconnected from any part of the country that isn't DC
  • Is Russia a long-term problem? Are they dying too fast to be a real problem?
  • Jennifer Lawrence and the Hollywood pay gap

We cap it off with our predictions:

Matthias - goodspaceguy will win finally win his commissioner position in the Seattle election

Zach - The new Star Wars will get great reviews, but will be terrible

Jordan - Joe Biden will not run and she will get another tattoo some day