Taylor Swift’s Rise as a ‘Problematic’ Icon

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2 Responses

  1. Jordan says:

    Wow, just another Swiftiddle willing to kiss her @$$ rather than recognise the light that is being shone on the deeper subtexts that render her "problematic".

  2. Elizabeth Williams says:

    the boyfriends that broke her heart huh? That’s why there’s a new guy every 3 months to the day on a magazine cover talking about how she played him and on the same cover have another pic of her "hot new romance". If she’s such a victim then tell me why instead of taking time to recover from her alleged heart breaks before getting in another relationship she’s already in another one when the news of her break up goes public. It’s also funny nobody mentions the fact her #girlsquad are known for being bitchy little mean girls who flaunt their money and status, the fact every pic of them is posed for and plastic af you never see a "real" pic of the squad hanging out like at home having a sleep over no makeup type real, Taylor is always the center of attention in all of her squad pix and funny that none of her squad have pix up hanging out without princess Taylor which ultimately shows that this is a queen bee/promotional friendship rather than a genuine one.

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