Monthly Archive: March 2016

Lessons from Living on a Food Stamp Diet

You might have heard of this from the frequent “SNAP Challenge” events in which people try to eat on a food stamp benefit for one week. People tend to argue about what really constitutes a true food stamp benefit, but a widely accepted target is $34 for a week.

I’ve always hated these challenges because they feel like turning the need of millions of Americans into a game, making the needs of the poor nothing more than another opportunity to proclaim our alignment with our preferred social group.

This game typically goes one of two ways …

Support Trump to Ensure My Generation Votes Democrat for the Rest of Their Lives

I never thought we would be arguing about whether or not we should support a potential leader who threatens the free press, praises a communist government for killing protesters and says an entire religious group should be banned from our country. I never thought I would be told to fall in line and support someone who questions the citizenship of non-white Americans, inspires white supremacists to endorse him and issue robo-calls to voters on his behalf, and generally fulfills the cartoonish and terrible stereotype that haunts the Republican party: the angry, belligerent, racist old white man yelling on his lawn at the world.

Trump’s China Plan Has Already Been Tried … by President Obama

Donald Trump may have tapped into real problems faced by many Americans, but anyone who has struggled in President Obama’s economy should know better than to vote for him. 

You see, Trump’s big plan to slap tariffs on China in a “good deal” has already been tested out … and it cost Americans more than $1.1 million in added costs while saving just 1,200 jobs. 

Living in Light of That Heavenly Country

I’m realizing I need to worry a little less about the difference I’m making in the world.

Let me take a step back and explain what I mean with that conclusion. Like anyone else’s, my Christian life goes through cycles and seasons as God leads me down new paths or reteaches me old lessons. Last year, He taught me that surrendering my own plans meant being taken in glorious new directions. “Content to fill a little space,” I am happily doing work for the kingdom. 

But lately, I’ve been reminded that the most important thing is not the difference I make in this world, but the marks it leaves on me … how my life experiences shape my eternal soul.