To Beat Trump, Stop Defending Hillary

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2 Responses

  1. Earl says:

    Sadly, I agree.

    Someone asked me yesterday which candidate would most likely start WWIII. Without hesitation I answered "Trump." Hillary might get us there in a Chamberlain sort of way, but Trump will kick over an ant hill somewhere Jay because he can.

    Four years of President Hillary would suck, perhaps changing the Supreme Court for decades. Four years of President Trump would be worse, shaping the GOP for decades and the Court for a century. This is a tipping point.

    Stop pretending she’s competent or worthy. She’s neither. But with third parties essentially non-existent, she’s the best hope we’ve got. How sad is that?

  2. Gene says:

    I agree, but they aren’t capable. They constantly defend the indefensible in government. No government mistake is ever acknowledged. No government abuse is ever addressed. No one is ever held responsible. (think IRS, VA, Obamacare website, etc.) They fear admitting mistakes or shortcomings because it might lead to Republicans… which in their mind is worse than the most abusive bureaucracy.
    Which to me in the end makes Hillary more frightening and dangerous. Trump is loathed by DC. Both parties. And will face significant bipartisan opposition. Hillary will have a loyal army of apologizing partisans and the massive power of the bureaucracy carrying out her wishes. It’s time for congress to start reeling the executive branch back in. Trump is the only way that happens.

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