PolitiFact’s Biased Selection of Statements to Fact-Check

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2 Responses

  1. James says:

    Great job on discovering that PolitiFact has rated the same statements multiple times which thus influence a candidate’s ‘Mean Truthfulness Score’ as I have called it. I think however, you didn’t mention that PolitiFact is made up of numerous different editions (i.e. PolitiFact National, PolitiFact Ohio, PolitiFact Florida, etc.) and these operate semi-autonomously at least in terms of coverage and size. This will likely affect whose statements are covered more often and may instead be masked as ideological bias.

    For example, PolitiFact Florida is PolitiFact’s second-oldest state edition and was founded in 2009. They will focus on statements made by Florida politicians, such as Marco Rubio. PolitiFact Nevada was only founded in 2016 and has such has not had as much time to rate statements made by Nevada politicians such as Harry Reid.

    I talk a little bit about that in my own analysis of PolitiFact’s ratings (which number 14,000+) at

  2. James says:

    Also, does this mean that for ever time Donald Trump says he was against the Iraq War that this does not deserve a new rating from PolitiFact?

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