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3 Responses

  1. Kevin Carter says:

    HAve you read Ready Player One? Seems like you would enjoy.

  2. Kaleberg says:

    It’s a lot like the old days of music, movies, television and radio. When something was playing, you got to see and/or hear it. When the band stopped playing it, the theaters stopped running it, the broadacasters stopped broadcasting it, then it was gone. I suppose it was like this with story tellers too, before writing and scrolls and books.

  1. December 16, 2017

    […] The late ’90s were also the peak years for multimedia. There were Enhanced CDs, which is the cue to point out that “Baby One More Time” is old enough to vote. Cameron had the foresight to make James Cameron’s Titanic Explorer, a multi-CD interactive exploration of the ship from conception to the wreck’s present state. What made this more interesting was the use of scenes from the movie — including deleted scenes — to bring the events to life. But now, first with Flash, then with HTML5, and now in “apps”, the self-contained experience has fallen by the wayside and things we view today stand a greater risk of being lost forever. […]

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