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The Myth of the Hustle

None of this is going to make me rich or even make me marginally more attractive to an employer. That was another lie.

Thank God We Can Be ‘Lazy’ in 2017

By J.D. ECARMA A scene in season 2 of Netflix’s “Master of None” sums up the American dream: being able to buy travel-sized shampoo and Vaseline. In the second season of Aziz Ansari’s semi-autobiographical Netflix...

Support Trump to Ensure My Generation Votes Democrat for the Rest of Their Lives

I never thought we would be arguing about whether or not we should support a potential leader who threatens the free press, praises a communist government for killing protesters and says an entire religious group should be banned from our country. I never thought I would be told to fall in line and support someone who questions the citizenship of non-white Americans, inspires white supremacists to endorse him and issue robo-calls to voters on his behalf, and generally fulfills the cartoonish and terrible stereotype that haunts the Republican party: the angry, belligerent, racist old white man yelling on his lawn at the world.

3 Guys You Should Avoid at CPAC This Weekend

When I told a friend I would be at CPAC this year, she had one vital piece of advice for me: “Be prepared to be hit on by creepy conservative men.” 

(Disclaimer: Of course, men who seem to exist to make women uncomfortable at parties come in all political stripes. Let’s not discriminate against creepy liberal men.)

Trade secret for you: Women are experts at carrying on conversation with men for the sake of social politeness when they would really rather not. (It goes like this: Smile, nod, with a silent PLEASE GET ME OUT OF HERE underneath it all.) Once you reach a certain point in life and career, there’s an eerie sameness about social gatherings and networking events when it comes to the people (read: unchill dudes) you meet. I’ve documented a few examples and outlined a game plan for each with the aim of helping you navigating your next event.